Going On a Bear Hunt; Gonna Catch a Big One!

Do any of you recognize that childhood song?  Well, that’s what kept going through my head on our last night in Red River.

Gary and I made another trip to Taos to eat and shop.  The weather was a little iffy, but that’s never stopped us before.

Ate at a little “hole-in-the-wall” (which is a typical restaurant in Taos) called Orlando’s.


I made the mistake of taking my camera inside, and this was Gary’s first attempt to take my picture.  Honestly, we have some work to do.  🙂

While shopping back in Red River, one of the store owners told Gary that if he reeeeeally wanted to see a bear that we needed to drive the streets between 11:30 p.m. – 2:30 a.m.  They would be roaming the streets for food.  Well . . . you know Gary; he was ALL over that!  So, we met some traveling friends at a local bar called Lost Love, listened to Lisa and Art (musicians and singers from Bandera, Texas), and hit the road!  We drove around until I fell asleep, with Gary gearing up – the later it got.  Little did I know, that around 2:00 a.m., Gary got back up and roamed the streets again.  The next morning, he confessed that he felt like he had gone on a “Snipe Hunt”.  He saw lots of ducks (15), elk (10), raccoon (1), but no bears (0).  So, as we left the campsite, I took these pictures to remind him that bears and elk really do exist in Red River.


We drove to Amarillo and will head home today.  It’s been an amazing trip, and one that I will hold in my memory for a lifetime.  Gary asked yesterday, as we left, “Are you going to be alright; we’re leaving one of your favorite places on the planet?”  My response:  “Yep!  I just need a moment . . .”

Until then . . . carry on!!

4 thoughts on “Going On a Bear Hunt; Gonna Catch a Big One!

  1. You just needed to come on up to Pagosa…you could’ve easily made it in the time frame you allowed! LOL I had to stop for one(a bear) in the road driving home from a heated game of Pickleball. They are in my yard every night, even when I take inthe bird feeders! We even had a mountain lion week before last…poor little deer! Oh, and there was a mouse at the lake behind me just at dusk. Pretty cool!
    Sure enjoy seeing all the fun you guys are having!
    Oh, Kaye, I played Pickleball with a friend of Ann Baldwin’s…I didn’t find out until we became Facebook friends, and there was her picture. Small world, huh?

  2. A few years ago I traveled with girlfriends to Angel Fire. My friend Donna Kay from McKinney had a house there. We spent a couple of hours in Arroyo Seco outside of Taos looking for Julia Roberts home. Great Fun even though we never found it!

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