You Just Never Know Who’s Watching!

Picture this: You’re sitting at a musical festival, with a thousand people, drinking your favorite beverage, whooping it up to the current song, and someone taps you on the shoulder and says, “Are you Mr. Jones?”  It reminded me of when people used to ask, “Are you Casey Boyles’ mom?”  There is that moment when you hesitate. 😊

We were so fortunate to run into these two women who Gary knew from his work in Castleberry ISD.  (Andrea, do you recognize the one on the left?)

And, then there are these two guys from Amarillo.  We met them last year and reconnected this year.  Yes, they are a lot younger than we are (they call us their grandparents), are much rowdier than us (back-in-the-day, that wouldn’t have been the case), rode their Harleys to Red River instead of driving an RV, always manage to find us in a crowd – making sure that we are having a good time, and would be happy to be our bodyguards.  Is it wrong, that we wanted to bring them home with us??

The day was filled with sampling awesome chili and barbeque and great music, but I have to admit that our two favorite bands just happened to be from Fort Worth.  The Tejas Brothers and Josh Weathers put on a fantastic show – making us proud to be from Texas and the Fort Worth area.




We relax today (may make a trip to Taos) and will start home tomorrow.  Or, as Gary said last night, “We could just stay.”  Don’t tempt me!

Until then . . . carry on!

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