These Are the Things That I Now Know!

Traveling in an RV is one of the perks of our retirement.  It can be relaxing, exhausting, entertaining, and memorable.  However, there are things I’ve learned along the way . . .

  • In an RV, there is a place for everything.  (Why is it that no matter where Gary leaves his shoes, I trip over them?)
  • A good book is a necessity; however, always carry an extra.  For my girlfriends: I just finished reading the Mary Higgins Clark book, All By Myself, Alone – 3 stars, and I started reading Karin Slaughter’s book, The Good Daughter – so far a 5-star.
  • An entire day can be spent reading and sleeping.  I know that’s hard for you to visualize Gary doing that, but when we travel, he does.
  • RV campgrounds are like small communities; everyone helping their neighbor.
  • There are campsites in an RV park that are labeled “Adults Only”.  I thought that was odd, so yes, we checked it out.  Obviously, dogs are allowed.
  • There are a bazillion different models of RVs, and it’s truly a personal choice as to why you buy the one you buy.
  • There is definitely RV envy!!
  • Don’t worry, friends; dogs are being rescued!!
  • Most people are “up-and-at-em” by 8:00 a.m.  P.S. Not us!!  Well, I am.
  • In the mountains, when the sun is out, you’re hot.  When the sun goes behind a cloud, you need a jacket. Keeps you guessing.
  • And, finally . . . cue the song: “What the World Needs Now”.  There is limited cell service, Wi-Fi, and TV channels in the mountains.  Consequently, most people are oblivious to world problems.  Maybe that’s why it’s such a happy place!! (Well, that and the amount of alcohol consumption.) 😊

Until then . . . carry on!

One thought on “These Are the Things That I Now Know!

  1. Ah, it is nice in the mountains when it is cold at night. That been said, never, but never, place your beer outside on the step to cool for a couple hours – I did that ONCE – later, when I went out to get it, the whole 6-pack was gone! (They coulda been nice and left at least one for watachi!) 🙁 Nice neighbors in campgrounds too. . . . LOL

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