This is Our Happy Place!

When you leave hot weather, flat land, the stress of all the world’s problems, and arrive in a secluded town at the base of the mountains with weather that is IDEAL, you can’t help but be happy!  Your shoulders drop, your worries are gone, you roll down the windows, and you feel as if you could hike straight up the mountains . . . you can’t, but you feel like you can. 😊


We felt so welcomed when we entered the RV Park, and the guys that met us asked, “Hey, do you all know where Bowie, Texas, is located?  We’re looking at some property to buy off Hwy 59 .”  After a lengthy discussion (telling them that our property is off Hwy 59), a new friendship was established.  And, then . . . the guys that are camped next to us are from New Braunfels and have entered the Chili/Barbeque Cooking contest held this weekend.  My point??? It’s a small world (after all), and with all the troubles in the world, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.

We spent the day in Taos shopping and eating.

You know Gary . . . he’s going to find the best “hole-in-the-wall” places to eat really, really good food.  He didn’t disappoint.  The Guadalajara Grill was amazing.  Now, I ask: “Where in Texas do you get Chicken Quesadillas like this?”  Gary’s plate wasn’t too shabby, either.


As we left, Gary said, “Hey, jump out and take a picture of this place. It reminds me of the series, Breaking Bad.”  You won’t understand if you haven’t watched it, but we thought it was pretty funny.  P.S. Gary’s mind is a dangerous thing!

The “Hot Chili Days and Cool Mountain Nights Musical Festival” begins today.  This town’s population (of about 450 people) explodes!  They are expecting thousands to arrive today.  Thankfully, we have bought our tickets, have an awesome campsite, and are rested.  The next 3 days are going to be c-r-a-z-y, and I can’t wait!


Until then . . . carry on!

7 thoughts on “This is Our Happy Place!

  1. Oh! I so hope that you did not buy those boxers for Gary – he will insist on modeling them for everyone! Perish the thought! Uh . . . Perish the sight! LOL
    Jimmy – you speak with forked tongue! LMOAO!

  2. Yes! If you didn’t buy the boxers, you must go back and get them! Have a great time in this Paradise, my friend.

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