And, Why Are We Making This Detour?

Who leaves the main highway going to Amarillo to make a detour through a little town called Groom, Texas?  Well, Gary does, and here’s why:

Built on private property donated by Chris Britten to avoid legal issues with the ACLU at a height of 190 feet, the Groom Cross is reported as being the biggest cross in the northern hemisphere.  It was built by Steve Thomas in 1995. Mr. Thomas, disgusted with the huge billboards advertising XXX pornography locations along 1-40, wanted to make a public profession of faith along the Interstate.  Originally, he wanted to put up his own billboard with Bible verses, but could never find the appropriate verse.  Instead, inspired by a cross built by a rancher in Ballinger, Texas, Mr. Thomas knew that he would build a cross.

And, that’s why we made the detour.

The structures surrounding the cross feature life-sized sculptures of the events leading to Christ’s crucifixion.



There are no words to describe the replica of Christ’s tomb.

So, the next time on you’re on your way to Amarillo, take an extra 15 minutes detour and visit this magnificent site. You won’t regret it!

P.S.  Thanks, Dean Robertson, for suggesting this; we would have never known about it.

Until then . . . carry on!

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  1. BTW: Mark your calendar. November 18 (day after my BD!) Army/North Texas in Denton. 5:30 pm. Tickets have been order for the four of us.
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