Whoa, Nellie!!

To say that it was an exciting night isn’t exactly accurate; it was many things . . . relaxing (for a while), cool temps, and very, very scary!

We arrived in Amarillo for the night and quickly set up camp.  Just before going to bed, the RV began to shake and sway from side-to-side.  Gary quickly brought in all the stuff from outside, and we started checking our phones.  Now, I’m sure this doesn’t sound that unusual, because most of the times when this happens, we are sitting or sleeping soundly and safely in our homes; however, being in an RV, in Amarillo, Texas, with the wind blowing like a banchee, and feeling like you’re going to tip over is an entirely different experience.  I was reminded of the movie, Cars, that we’ve watched about a billion times with our 5 grandsons.  Remember when they “tipped over” the tractors???  That’s what it felt like . . . just trying to give you a visual. 🙂

It’s always interesting, I think, to recognize the difference in people when something like this happens.  Gary’s response was to check his phone (constantly) and give me a minute-by-minute update.  (Knowing Gary, you know that his protector gene reeeeally kicked in!)  My reaction was to go to sleep.

I’m awake, feeling rested, this morning, and Gary is still snoozing; I’m sure he stayed awake ALL night.  Can I just say that it’s easy to sleep when you have someone like Gary making sure you’re okay (in my defense)?

Today is sunny and a cool 62 degrees.  We leave for Red River in a couple of hours; thankful for another day on the road.

P.S.  My blog today was going to be about an awesome stop-off before we got to Amarillo, but that can wait.  And, Casey, stop worrying; we got this!  🙂

Until then . . . carry on!

9 thoughts on “Whoa, Nellie!!

  1. We have also brought in our slides when a strong wind passes through. If time permits we also try to point the rig either into or away from the wind. BTW: Never had that time.
    However, bringing in the slides will help from tearing your cover that goes over your slide out. Those are expensive.

  2. I think you misread. “I” was the one who went to bed; he stayed up all night. lol
    We feel very blessed – able to enjoy this wonderful time in our lives!!

  3. You have been watching too many movies! LOL You poor thing – spent most of your life “down among the pines of S & E Texas, and unfortunately, let a typical Texas Panhandle breeze keep you awake! Seesh! ROFL! Gary had the right idea – go to bed; there was nothing he could do to change the situation – I too, yes too, was guilty of that numerous times throughout the years of Rv’n across the country. Can hardly wait for your pre-Amarillo and NM posts ! Continue to have fun…. 🙂 “Ojiisan” Papasan

  4. I can’t figure out how to edit my freakin’ post…
    I know that YOU’RE about to kill me for that typo 🙂

  5. OMG…you just made me laugh! My throat was closing as I was reading your post!!!!! Ya’ll be careful…love you both!

    *your reaction was to go to sleep…priceless!!!

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