Who Wouldn’t Love a Good National Soccer Championship Game? Part Two

Gary is such a “rock star” when it comes to the grandkids!  While Michael and Wesley were visiting this summer, he found out that the soccer team, Manchester United, was playing for the first time in the United States, and it just so happened that the game was in Houston.  Since that is Michael’s favorite team (trust me; he knows all the players, stats, and scores), we decided to make the trip to watch his team play.  We left on Wednesday (thinking the game was that night) with a yard FULL of people finishing our landscaping.  Did we care??  Nope!

After checking into the hotel, Gary went downstairs to print the tickets.  Michael (checking his phone) asked, “Trix, are we sure the game is tonight, cause on my phone, it says that the game is tomorrow night?”  We did a couple of searches, found out that the game was on Thursday night, called Gary (who couldn’t print the tickets for Wednesday – ;)), and made plans to eat at Gary’s favorite fish-food restaurant, The Monument Inn, near Deer Park.  The boys remembered eating here with Leon, Gary’s dad, several years ago.



Need I say, that the wait was worthwhile???  We truly enjoyed the ENTIRE experience of watching two amazing soccer teams play in the International Cup Championship game.  The tickets were great; the boys enjoyed the game and watching the players; and, I learned a whole lot about soccer and the fans.  When I asked Gary how much the tickets cost, his answer was, “Don’t ask!”  🙂



We drove home on Friday in time to see a movie and visit the Lego store (while waiting for the movie to start).  Do guys EVER get over Legos; I think not!



This week was, perhaps, the most enjoyable time spent with the boys, thus far.  Gary loves that he can teach them “boys’ stuff” (I don’t even want to know what that means.), and I love that they seem to enjoy being with us in Texas.  We are already looking forward to next summer!  Sidebar:  I remember that Casey would always want to go to my parents’ house in Pecan Gap during college for some R & R.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the boys will feel that way, as well.  And, yes . . . that’s Gary, the Rock Star, under the blanket!!  🙂

Until then . . . carry on!

9 thoughts on “Who Wouldn’t Love a Good National Soccer Championship Game? Part Two

  1. You guys have definitely started something with the soccer games. Definitely a highlight from the summer! Gary may NEVER be able to retire!!!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Ann! We’re leaving in the morning for 8 “glorious” days in Red River, NM. I may not come home!! lol

  3. Fun times for all of you. I know that those 2 had sore faces from the grins, laughs and kisses (from Trixie!). I’m very envious. Love your stories. It helps fill the vacancy!

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