Michael, Wesley, and Others; Oh, My! – Part One

Michael and Wesley, our two oldest grandsons, have been coming to Texas every summer since they were born – that’s been 15 years.  I say, every summer, that it will be their last (not seeing any sign of that, yet – thank goodness) .  The activities have changed, but the love for fun and adventure just keeps growing – even for Gary and me.  In the past, we have visited waterparks, adventure-seeking rides, wild-life preserves, trampoline centers, movie houses, and eaten at different restaurants.  Somehow, we manage to entertain them for a week to 10 days, and all-the-while, enjoying EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.

This year was different . . . in a good way.  Michael has a good friend, James, who has sisters who live in Dallas, so when he asked if he could ride to Texas for the week with us, we said, “Absolutely!”  James spent a lot of time with us, and we loved having another teenager in the house.  Of course, the fact that he was sweet, mannerly, very well-behaved, and very appreciative helped tremendously.  And, let’s not forget about Zachary, our neighbor, who has known the boys since I moved here – 13 years ago.  He’s the same age as Michael (15), so let’s count . . . 1, 2, 3, 4.  Yep, that’s 4 big boys, and we loved it!!  P.S.  Gary thinks we may have to rent a bigger car next summer just to haul them all around.  🙂



It’s become a tradition to stop off at Six Flags on our way home.  Sooooooo, after driving 8 hours to get the boys, as usual, we closed down the park on Saturday night.  Where do we find the energy, you ask?  Somehow, when you see the excitement in those boys’ eyes and hear the chatter in the backseat about the newest rides, you find it!


On Sunday, we rested; however, I decided that it was time to teach the boys a new skill – grilling.  Because I enjoy it, I do all the grilling, and the boys think it’s sooooooo funny that a woman can do that.  Seriously???  Have they met Trixie??  This was perhaps my most rewarding moment, because the boys really took an interest.  They grilled steaks for us, and to quote Michael:  “I can hardly stand the lusciousness of this meat!”  Winner/winner!



The week began (you guessed it) with spending the day at Six Flags, and I mean the WHOLE DAY!  I took the 4 boys for about 5 hours while Gary worked.  (Sidebar:  Yes, he’s gone back to work temporarily – or so he says).  The boys kept checking on me to make sure I wasn’t getting too hot or tired.  See???  Teenagers can think of someone besides themselves.


We came home and grilled hamburgers (yep, the boys grilled hamburgers for all 4 boys), and Gary took them back to Six Flags to close down the park.  Wonder if they checked on him . . .  🙂

As they went to bed that night (completely exhausted), they asked, “Can we go to Altitude Trampoline Park tomorrow for a reeeeeally long time?”  Oh, to have that kind of energy!  And, I bet you can guess my answer . . . “Of course!”

One of the many things that has changed over the years is that the boys have gone from waking early and going to bed at a decent hour, to staying up late and sleeping till noon.  In this house (with Gary, especially) that’s a blessing!  So, with 3 guys asleep, I managed to stay ahead of them for the day.  Now, I know when Casey gets all of her work done!

Part Two will follow soon . . . it was just too much to put in one blog post.  And, in case you’re wondering, Michael DID have other shirts; he just wanted me to wash this one and wanted to wear it everyday.  Only in Texas!!  🙂

Until then . . . carry on!





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  1. Love you, too! Thanks to you and Christopher for always making these visits possible! We love these boys!!

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