Pop’s and Trixie’s Summer Camp!

Next up . . . Ava and Crew.

Gary and I met another set of grandparents in Waco on Thursday, and only had four days to have as much fun as we could possibly squeeze in.  After eating at McDonald’s (I wish I had a nickel for every time we’ve taken a grandchild to McDonald’s; we’d be rich), we stopped at a bounce house in Fort Worth called “Pump It Up”.  The kids had so much fun, and as usual, Gary and I were the ONLY ones monitoring behavior.  Does that ever go away??  Consequently, ALL the kids became our “new best friends”.  Secretly, I hope THAT never goes away.


Waterparks are such fun, and Keller has a great one!  It has an outside and an inside park – great for kids who don’t need to be in the sun for that long.  We sported our bathing suits (what we do for grandkids) and preceded to splash, slide, swim, float in the lazy river, and frolic in the water.  After 3 hours, we drug ourselves to the car only to hear Ava say, “Can we stop by the neighborhood pool and swim before we go home?”  Let me answer that question . . .   🙂




Since it was raining the next day, I needed to get creative.  We had watched their favorite shows, put puzzles together, played dolls and cars, water colored, and made pancakes when I suggested that we give each one a $5.00 bill and go to Dollar Tree.  Gary loves to ask:  “Now, how many things can you get with $5.00?”  It was such a teaching moment for him.  🙂  The rest of the day was spent playing with their 5 items.  It was glorious!


And, no, I didn’t stage the following picture.  This is how Crew and Gary watched the movie, “Cars”.  I can’t believe I was actually able to get to my camera in time.  Who do you think enjoyed it more?????  haha


We met Ryan in Temple on Sunday.  One thing we’ve learned through all the years of keeping grandchildren – they’re always excited to come visit, and they’re always excited to see their parents again.  Just so you know, we feel the same way.  🙂

We have a week before the 2 teenagers arrive – a completely different experience.  Running a summer camp sure does keep you on your toes!

Until then . . . carry on!