Mountains and Special Friends!

Spoiler Alert:  This post is about girlfriends, a snowy trip, and more fun than the law allows.  Guys, you may want to skip this update (unless, of course, you’re interested in a few facts about what makes us reeeeeeally happy).  🙂

Most of us feel very lucky in life if we can count our closest friends on one hand.  And, we feel blessed if we need two hands.  That is such the case with my girlfriends (from my previous life) in Athens, Texas.  Each year, eleven of us girls try and get together for a girls’ weekend; however, in January, seven of us took it a step farther.  We traveled to Breckenridge, Colorado, for a glorious, snowy, fun-filled, laughable, adventurous 7 days in the mountains.  I know what you’re thinking:  “Since Gary retired, you sure do travel a lot (without him).”  Or at least, that’s what he said, but here’s the thing . . . happiness comes from lots of places, and we’re lucky when our men get that.  (insert:  hearts of ALL colors, kisses, and hugs)

Right about now, “the mountains are calling” . . .


The house was amazing!!  We cooked, ate, played games, shopped, acted silly, and relaxed!




Perhaps, though, the most fun was the day of snowmobiling (and soaking in the hot tub afterwards).


Thank you Charlotte, Leslie, Brenda, Jane, Tere, and Nancy for making this trip such fun!  One of us should write our book of memories . . . it would definitely be a Best Seller.  We missed you, Prissy, Phyllis, Jackie, and Judy, but there’s always another trip in the making.

Shhhh . . . our husbands don’t know that, yet.

Until then, carry on . . .

Join Us, Won’t You?

You may have noticed that the title of our blogging site has changed.  There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is that we’ve “kinda” put traveling in the RV on hold.  It wasn’t intentional; just sorta happened.  I will say, though, that the main reason has been the weather.  After we blew sideways on several quick trips (nothing like a crosswind in a 31 ft. motorhome), we decided that it might just be a good time to get some things done around the house and at the property in Bowie, Texas.  The future posts will be about our “life and times” during the last several months.  Enjoy!

In October, I celebrated my 70th birthday.  Gary wanted to make it special, so he sent Casey and me to New York to the US Open Tennis Championship (Labor Day).  As usual, he didn’t fail . . . it was the most special time EVER!  Do I have to tell you how long it’s been since Casey and I were ALONE – just the two of us – no husbands – no kids – no responsibilities!  It was amazing!




In November, Gary’s dad, Leon,  decided to have hip-replacement surgery.  He is 86 years old, in good health, but has suffered for many years with hip pain.  Today, he is a walking example of the miracles of medicine, good rehabilitation, great doctors, and tender, loving care of his son.

Thanksgiving and Christmas (what I can remember of it) was a plethora of family activities and gatherings.  We always enjoy the time with the grandkids (and their parents).  No one can say that we don’t make use of every possible minute while they’re in Fort Worth.

Casey, Christopher, Michael (14), Wesley (13), Aidan and Taylor (11)



Ryan, Jennifer, Ava (5), and Crew (2)



We welcomed the new year with Gary making a list of what we wanted to accomplish during 2017.  Does anyone else do that?  I know everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, but Gary makes a list and sticks to it.  To quote him, “If it ain’t on the list, it ain’t happening!”  And, he means it!!  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading and following our blog regarding “THE LIST!”  Aren’t you even a little curious?

Oh, and we have done a little traveling . . . pics and posts to follow.

Until then, carry on . . .