Home at Last!

Cue Etta James’ song:  At Last!

Just when you thought you had read your last blog post, up jumps another one!  Promise, Thomas; this is the last one (from me) from our trip.  Uh, oh!!

After eating at Green Chili Willy’s Grill (I just love the name of that place!) and meeting the most delightful couple (Kevin and Nancy from Michigan), we retreated to the RV for the last night of our trip.  Of all the wonderful times on this trip, some of our best memories are the people that we have met on the road.  We have found that when you go to a popular restaurant, sometimes they will seat you at a large table with folks that you don’t know (with your permission, of course).  That happened at Green Willy Chili’s.  Kevin (who repairs/replaces the motors on those large wind turbines – can you imagine?) and Nancy travel in an RV from location to location depending on the assignment.  I’m telling you . . . there are some very interesting and likeable people out there if you just take the time to have a conversation.

On our way home from Amarillo, we stopped at several places.  Remember when we went to the Aircraft Graveyard?  We discovered that there are graveyards for Cadillacs, Slug Bugs, and motorhomes.

DSC_0010     DSC_0007

DSC_0061     DSC_0018

Perhaps, the most interesting was the Sisemore RV Museum in Amarillo.  It houses unusual and unconventional RVs, cars, and motorcycles.  Some have been restored; however, some are in the condition in which they were found.   This family has done an amazing job illustrating the time periods and explanations of the different displays, and it’s FREE!!  If you’re in the mood, they also sell “very large” travel trailers and motorhomes.  We stayed far, far away from those!!

DSC_0041     DSC_0032

DSC_0037     DSC_0035

DSC_0031     DSC_0024

DSC_0051     DSC_0046

DSC_0045     DSC_0022

Rather than make a beeline home, we took another route and landed in Shamrock, Texas – the town that inspired the movie, Cars.  How many times did we watch that movie with the boys?

DSC_0069     DSC_0078

While there, we ate at Big Vern’s Steak House.  I know . . .you can’t go wrong with a restaurant named that, and we certainly were bigger after we ate their “beer bread”.

DSC_0077     DSC_0076

When we realized we were only 4 hours from home, we decided to head to Fort Worth.  We got home around 10:00 last night, walked into the house, and felt like we were in someone else’s home.  (Thanks so much, Melanie!)  It seemed so big, clean, and roomy!!

We absolutely loved taking you with us on this journey!  Our email address is gary_kaye@att.net.  Please let us hear from you when you take a trip or have any questions regarding ours.  Looking forward to our next trip (possibly in May – have no idea where.  Gary just grins when I ask where and for how long.).   (Insert worried face, here.)

Till then . . .