Many of you may wonder why Wylie the Coyote and the Roadrunner are part of our mantra.  Gary and I have often felt that our lives have been about chasing that dang Roadrunner – always striving to be creative and tackling problems in a new way.  Now that retirement is actually here, we almost feel that we have “finally” accomplished what we have spent the majority of our lives working toward  – good health, a comfortable lifestyle, great family and friends, and the ability to check off some things from our bucket lists.  Wylie and the Roadrunner are on a decal on the back of our RV and under them reads:  PERSEVERE!

We hope it will be a message to our road buddies to never stop trying, stay the course, and go where the road beckons.  I think we’ve earned it, and I’m extremely happy that we’ve found a way to share with all of you.

The Open Road is Beckoning!


We are so excited to begin our first-ever, long-awaited, 30-day retirement trip.  We will be leaving on Monday, February 29th, in the RV,  (Gary says “early” . . . we’ll see.) and traveling to Colorado City State Park to spend our first night.  Of course, Gary has a trip agenda planned (calendar, spreadsheet, and color-coded), and my job is to keep our friends and family updated on all our activities.  I will send a group email when we make a posting on our blog, alerting you to the newest posts.  If you have any ideas (places to visit, places to eat, sites to see), please comment on the blog.  We look forward to hearing from you!